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a Total Sensory Tea Experience for the Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

Today, tea drinking has become a pleasurable ritual in everyday Chinese life. In every corner of the earth, tea adds to the joy and pleasure of all occasions. Its medicinal values and healing effects have been receiving widespread recognition among medical professionals.

At tea Art Gallery, you do not come in for just a sip of tea, but….. "Its More Than Just A Sip of Tea" !!
Enjoy a truly authentic Chinese cultural experience of --- a wide range of traditional vintage tea, great collections of exotic accoutrements needed for tea, limited pieces of exquisite antiques and ancient chinaware, arts and furniture..



" What a tea experience that was. I feel enlightened. I had dropped my car off at the mechanics (auto masters) and was walking home when i saw some teapots in the window on palmerston street..tea I thought.thatd b nice. I was greetedby the owner who is a very passionate chinese tea woman. She refers to us as the westomers or western customers which I thought was funny. After that amazing tea experience I ask myself why do we the "whites" put sugar in our tea? And drink it in big cups with milk lol? Stupid whites have been drinking tea the wrong way for generations. But i felt good to let her "the owner" educate me on all the correct methods, procedures, brews and strain info. She's a tea guru. I bought the bought glass set with six cups and 20 sachets of their fresh green tea. Very happy. Won't forget that tea experience." Scott Nunan

" A very quaint Chinese mother and son greeted us on our visit to the store. We were after some oriental tea meant as a gift for a friend. After mentioning that we were interested in a unique oolong, some pu-erhs and chrysanthemum, they actually sat us down and gave us free tea tastings for all three types - all the while making it clear that we were under no obligation to purchase anything; they were true tea fanatics, not salespeople. They taught us how to brew each type of tea properly and even toured us on several different tea mugs that we were interested in. We spent over $100 so we got a 20% discount and it was indeed a very happy purchase!

Don't be scared that it all seems really foreign - the pair speak English very fluently and are not condescending at all.

Please note that this place specializes in Chinese teas specifically, I think, so if you're after Japanese or western teas, you may have better luck elsewhere." Hung-Yi Loo

" This is a feast for all senses!

I would have walked straight passed this tea gallery if it weren't for the elaborate window display, creatively showcasing some gorgeous intrinsic, tea cup sets on a wooden, circular display shelf. I walked up to the door, which was locked, and pushed the door bell - as instructed by the signage - how mysterious. A woman opened the door and greeted me while i began my adventure. This establishment is more than a sip and much more than a gallery! As I walked through the display of fine china and tea party dreams, the woman offered me a tasting of some tea, which I initially declined but succumbed to her encouraging manner. She is truly passionate about tea and teh process of making, drinking and enjoying it. I browsed a little longer while she produced a frozen packet to me the "Tie Guan Yin - organic glacial tea" fresh from the freezer - I later discovered that this is the semi-fermented tea for the light weights. A safe bet for first timers. When she was ready to begin the ceremony I sat at a marble table and she explained the process of the tea, how it was prepared, how best to maximize the flavour and usefulness of the tea. Then once poured "to the last drop" we drank and she explained the health benefits specifically related to the aid of digestion, detoxing and subsequent weight loss. " Taz D.


" Now I don't think I stop talking about how much I love tea, perhaps it is my very British upbringing. I moved over here when I was 12 and well, that true british love for tea still hasn't left the system. Now I love nothing more than beautiful tea cups and saucers. I have a collection at home of old vintage cups, perfect for any Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.

I think the lady like tea more than anyone I have ever met and she made me really happy with her passionate love for all things tea. We got talking about a load of different types of tea and she recommend some that I had never heard about before. I have tried her recommendations all of which where delicious.

This gallery of all this tea is sure to put a smile on any tea lovers face! " Happy P.

" On the hunt for a nice tea to drink, we made an unplanned stop at It's More Than A Sip. What a great experience!

After ringing the doorbell to enter, we were greeted by the store owner, who was conducting a tasting. We were asked if we would like to join the tasting.

This tea tasting was like no other. We tried the Glacier Tea, which is a semi-green Oolong tea. The smell of the Glacier Tea was like smelling a delicate, fresh flower. The taste was just as pure.

The shop owner was very knowledgeable about Chinese teas -- how to rinse them, brew them and enjoy them. We tried two other teas, after having several pours of each.

We purchased the Glacier Tea and the store owner gave us a sample of a black tea to try at home. Looking forward to the next time we can stop by!

For any tea drinkers or those who like to try new things, this is the place to go." Carolyn B.

" Another man was in the shop and he too was invited to this tea ceremony for three. he had experienced the glacial tea previously and was going to take on the fully fermented variety. This was explained by him as similiar to wine in that, the older the tea is, the more expensive it becomes. The whole experience was lovely. Elaine, who is the woman who runs this gallery - shrine to tea is a very warm and patient woman who I a sure I will see again. She did say that more westerners are getting into her teas and seeing the benefits so hopefully her business will continue to touch the lives of the Perth community and we can enjoy some of the Chinese herbal remedies at our finger tips.

More than just a sip ... The tea gallery is a cup of life! " It's More Than A Sip Tea Art Gallery


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