Tea Art Gallery, W.Australia's premier tea

specialist, has brought the taste of China to the palate of Australia. The Gallery has established almost ten (10) years now in Perth, and is renowned for its great variety of meticulously prepared fine quality and authentic Chinese tea. Especially, the Gallery's signature tea - "Organic Oolong Glacial Tea, TieGuanYin LapSang Black and other traditional Oolong tea, which are grown and produced from owner's family farm that have a history of more than 40 years of tea farming and production experience.

The Gallery also houses wide range of authentic Pu-er black and raw tea, which are vintage tea out of owner's collections. Including in the list, are popular range of Chinese Green, White, Floral Scented, Rock Tea and Taiwanese High Mountain tea…. etc…

The art of Chinese tea is not merely an act of brewing, savouring and

benefiting from the good nutrients in tea. At

we steadfast of our tea virtue by imparting to our western community the "Morality of Tea" as a pursuit of Self-Cultivation, as a way of life to enhance human interaction. Especially, in an environment with multi-cultural and religion background, through the sharing of tea ritual and savouring experience together help to promote an understanding, peaceful and harmony society……..

We encourage personal visit to our Gallery for free tea tasting, tea ceremony and briefing, experience the tranquil ambience of the interior display of an ancient tea gallery in the modern city of Perth.



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